Canal Lake, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

One of the reasons I love Canal Lake (Kawarthas) is that it is one of the first places I fished that I considered to be “north”.  Thinking of it now it doesn’t seem very north, but it was when you are 15 and without a car and you need mom to take you.  The lake is just 1.5 hours from Toronto and the nearest towns is Kirkfield.  Canal lake is a medium size lake with a large diversity of fishing spots, anything from shallow weed beds to medium deep sections.  Overall it is a shallow lake with an average depth of 5 feet with the deeper sections are about 15 feet.    The lake is part of the Trent waterway with the kirkfield lift lock on one end and the canal leading it to lake Mitchell.  There is a variety of fish available including largemouth bass, pike and muskie and an abundance of panfish.  One of the reasons i started fishing there at the age of 15 was ease of access and shore fishing available along the Centennial Part Road.  The attached map shows some of the sure spots I have found over the years.]

Canal Lake
Canal Lake Fishing Spots

The lake overall is infested with pike and it is for the easiest fish to catch on the lake.  My goto lures are a combination of topwater (in the shallow weedy bays), spoons and stick baits.  For the shore fisherman casting distance is important to reach some of the deeper sections along Centennial road.

Good luck out there.

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